Adobe FLASH has died

Adobe flash has been with us over 20 years for games, videos and other interactivity on the web.

Adobe FLASH has died

Adobe discontinued Flash to December 31, 2020 and will block all Flash content from January 12, 2021, which would be the last flash update we will ever receive.

End of life date was announced in July 2017 so remaining developers have time to update their systems to modern technologies and users to find replacements for any Flash software and content.

Adobe recommends to all users to uninstall Flash Player. Because Flash won't be updated anymore, any Flash related software on your computer becomes a security risk.

In these days, there are not many software and content running on Flash technology. Flash was being used mainly for interactive websites and in browsers running games and ads. With HTML5 open standard being widely used and supported, Flash's usage started rapidly decreasing.
Mobile devices do not really support Flash for almost their entire existence.

What you should take

If you are a user, find in your devices Flash Player and uninstall it.

If you are a developer still using flash, recreate or discontinue officially all projects.

Adobe FLASH has died
Published 02.01.2021 10:12
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