AMD reveals Ryzen 4000

AMD reveals Ryzen 4000

AMD has just revealed it's Ryzen 4000 G-Series.

It's not a new version of Ryzen CPUs. Ryzen 4000 G-Series are APU - CPU + GPU in one chip. Or in other words, it is a processor with integrated graphics chip.

AMD has been known lately for their Ryzen and Navi performance not only in middle class PC builds and count with their APUs for even not cranked-up gaming is a smart choice.

Ryzen 4000 G and GE

AMD is introducing 2 schemes: G and GE.

The GE variant is a low-powered version with a lower base clock. BUT with the same boost clock frequency. Of course, nothing more is different and how much different they will be in a real-world performance is remained to be seen.

Specification for every Ryzen 4000 G and GE

Memory speed max 3200 MHz
Dual-channel memory support
PCIe 3.0 support
Socket AM4
Any AM4 socketed motherboard get support, not yet known if BIOS update is necessary

The Ryzen 4000 G-Series list

Here is a list of new units.

AMD Ryzen 3 4300G and AMD Ryzen 3 4300GE

CPU Cores / threads: 4c/6t
Total cache: 6 MB and 256 KB
G base clock: 3.8 GHz
GE base clock: 3.5 GHz
Graphics cores: 6
Graphics core clock: 1700 MHz
G default TDP: 65W
GE default TDP: 35W

AMD Ryzen 5 4600G and AMD Ryzen 5 4600GE

CPU Cores / threads: 6c/12t
Total cache : 11 MB and 384 KB
G base clock: 3.7 GHz
GE base clock: 3.3 GHz
Graphics cores: 7
Graphics core clock: 1900 MHz
G default TDP: 65W
GE default TDP: 35W

AMD Ryzen 7 4700G and AMD Ryzen 7 4700GE

CPU Cores / threads: 8c/16t 
Total cache : 12 MB and 512 KB 
G base clock: 3.6 GHz
GE base clock: 3.1 GHz
Graphics cores: 8
Graphics core clock: 2100 MHz 
G default TDP: 65W
GE default TDP: 35W

AMD reveals Ryzen 4000
Published 21.07.2020 15:37
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