Anthem - my new favorite Stronghold

Anthem, this disastrous game, which I kind of love, got a new April's update. This update includes many new things and even more soft tuning. One of them is new Stronghold mission.

Anthem - my new favorite Stronghold

The Sunken Cell

Relic construction, cave, water, cave, water, cave, water arena and final boss. This is simple description of your walkthrough this new Stronghold.

It's better than other Anthem's Strongholds

Original, that's the word here. First three strongholds were not new or inventing in any way. The same maps, same bosses as in the story you've already been through, same models.

But here, all is brand-new, fresh, unseen. The only few reused assets are Dominion soldiers and their turrets. But it fits!

Remember how beautiful was Anthem for the first time you saw the world? Then it was all discovered, all the time the same views and you just loose interest. Here I got that feeling of new and beautiful world again. I know it's inside caves, I just loved it.

Final boss

This guy reminds me those mummies with one super long arm from Borderlands 2. Tall, one arm longer that got you to the ground with one touch.

He is not difficult to kill. If you can keep your distance, you can deal with him pretty easily even on Grandmaster 3 difficulty. The boss summons elementals, but only when he can't fight himself after taking one bar of health from him. It's FUN, it's not much of a challenge.

How is this new Stronghold for you?

Anthem - my new favorite Stronghold
Published 27.04.2019 14:52
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