Anthem updated, March 2019 patch 1.0.4

Anthem had a harsh start a more than a month ago and BioWare keeps making the game better. They are certainly trying, but even the latest patch is not what should be. From my gameplay it may be even worse now.

Anthem updated, March 2019 patch 1.0.4


I have been expecting this update for weeks. BioWare talked about it every day, made a few live streams, risen a lot of hopes. Patch 1.0.4 released in 3/26/2019 supposed to be a break for Anthem. It supposed to make a loot more reasonable, Javelins more tuned, put armor pieces in chests and more.

An official quick descriptions looks like this: "Legendary Missions, Elysian Caches and Loot changes". If you want to go through full list of changes, check it here


Sounds great, like even harder Strongholds. Like Strongholds are Masterwork and Legendary mission is Legendary.

Nope, a legendary mission is a one mission from the Anthem's story missions. Just much much harder at this time. The game picks one story mission for a day. You can play it how many times you want and for a next day is picked another one.

The great thing is these are super hard. I had really a great time playing this. I am just worry of repeating. If you played a story in Anthem, you know there are not too much of missions. It may be great for a week, than those missions going to be all the same.

But now they are great so big PLUS.


First, let me tell you how those work. In Fort Tarsis, there is a table, an icon that is pretty visible after you play for the first time since the patch was installed. Here you can see what is your daily challenge to receive an Elysian key. You can even see in left top corner of your HUD how many keys you have right now. After you finish this daily challenge, which is like do how many contracts, do a Legendary contract etc. and you get back to Fort Tarsis, it's automatically added to a current count of keys you have. Now you go and finish a Stronghold and after killing the final boss, you can see these Elysian caches which can be opened only with a key you got earlier.

I am not a biggest fan of these complications. I understand they want you engaged in the game, in the world, do things, but this is not the biggest motivation. Not for stuff Elysian caches give you.

What they give you? Vinyls, victory poses, emotes and crafting materials.

I play on Masterwork 3 difficulty and I spent 3 hours getting the yesterday's Elysian key and almost 1 hour of Stronghold today. It's 4 hours in sum and I got vinyl and victory pose. It haven't change my Javelin a bit. It haven't change my experience a bit. It just took me 4 hours to get this nothing and I will not do this round again for Elysian cache. But I will do it again because today I got more legendary items than in a whole month before.


BioWare letting us also know about loot changes. I wrote in previous paragraph I've got so much legendary items than ever before in a whole time I've been playing. Let's talk in exact numbers. Until this day, I got ONE legendary item. Today, I've got TWO.

So there are visible changes and for me to a good side. These items don't drop in extreme numbers and they do drop at all.

They say there is now a chance a chest in Strongholds, Freeplay and Mission drops additional items and crafting materials. Too bad I am not into crafting anything in Anthem.


In settings we can see now a new Field of view options - Ground FOV, Zoomed FOV, Flight FOV, Swim FOV and Pilot FOV. And this is really cool. Change this settings can actually have an affect on how you play the game and how you enjoy it. Correct Zoomed FOV can also make you focused more and hit what you need while in fight.

I took Swim FOV to maximum and while I am in a water, it's much more beautiful than it seemed before.


One is removed, hurray! It's only one, but probably the most irritating one - the one in The Forge. You know how you wanted to check your load, which took you about 5 seconds and a way in The Forge and out had both a horrible loading screen much longer than actual time spent inside? This is gone now.

As for the rest of them, BioWare doesn't seem to announce it, but they seem shorter to me. In fact, they always work on performance.

As for the performance of the Anthem game, there are official notes for it. They say that were optimized effects of Weather, UI, Time of day and Level art with animated props. I couldn't see any difference, could you?

They also added DLSS now. It's not DXR for RTX Nvidia graphics cards, but nice to see more developers do acknowledge these new PC components.


It's about time. The list of fixes is long, so very long I don't even recognize all of them.

They seem to fixed those non-sensical weapons bonuses like "After you hit enemy, you get 0% damage for 0 seconds". If you see this on picture, it's amazingly funny. If you get this after so many hours working for it, not so much.

BioWare also removed all the foggy walls from Strongholds, which were cause of separation of the group because wouldn't let anybody in. You want to pick up the last loot item while your group is on the go and suddenly you can't follow them because of this wall thing you can't get through.


There are so many changes to all of suits. Smaller or bigger, we could call it more-less balancing of powers.


There are so many changes. The list of patch notes is really long. But I noticed a fairly new bugs and even worse than ever before to my opinion.

I was progressing with a group through legendary mission, we were chasing The Monitor. "Squad defeated" so getting to the place again and there? Nothing. No waypoints, no enemies, just a dead end. If you get a foggy wall, you could still be respawned at the group. But if the mission is simply discontinued, you can't do anything but cancel that almost an hour long trip without finishing. And that's problem.

I am still going to play, I like Anthem and I see the effort and mainly, I am hyped for the upcoming cataclysm next month. It haven't completely failed me yet, I hope it never will.

Anthem updated, March 2019 patch 1.0.4
Published 27.03.2019 21:11
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