Borderlands 3 coming

Borderlands is back, baby! Borderlands 3 is announced and has a crazy trailer. What are the facts?

Borderlands 3 coming


First I have to fail you, no release date, yet :( But we expect Borderlands 3 to come in late 2019.

In last years a game industry took a terrible path of releasing unpolished and even unfinished games. Gearbox… no-o, don’t do that with Borderlands 3, me and probably the whole community beg you. Don’t go with this trend, take your time you need even if it means release date in two years from now.


It was so awesome to see familiar faces in the trailer. Ehm, I meant “faces” since Claptrap has none, right? But my favorite Lilith was in it, Athena, Ellie or a bandit. When a game’s launch will be closer and closer, I can’t wait who else we are going to see in trailers and reveals and in final gameplay. Claptrap’s jokes or Lilith’s strength are things I missed for so long.


Oh yeah, Borderlands 3’s going to have a lots of weapons. Billions of them. Sniper rifles, pistols, SMGs, shotguns and literally running guns with legs. Just when you thing the trailer or even the game can’t get any more crazy, you see a gun with legs. Sure, why not ;)

Ever since of beginning of Borderlands universe, weapons weren’t made, they are generated. It means those guns have so many variants and you are out of probability to get two exact guns not during one game, just ever.


What we also saw in the trailer are so much more variants of cars or more generally said transport vehicles. In past games there were two of them, here we saw 4 and I have a feeling it’s not ending at this number.


Let me get to what I want from story in Borderlands 3.

In Borderlands 2, Handsome Jack said in a side mission that there are always six Sirens in the universe at any given time. No more, no less. I know Jack was psycho and it may not be true, but I want to know them all in this game.

Since the first Borderlands game there was Lilith, Maya and Angel. But Angel is dead (I cried) so that gives us 2 of 6. I really hope we’ll get to know the rest.

Borderlands 3 coming
Published 01.04.2019 12:06
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