CES 2020 - Dell Alienware UFO concept

Dell's Alienware showed a new concept for "pocket PC". It's a computer, it's a handheld device, it is both and more.

CES 2020 - Dell Alienware UFO concept

Concept Alienware UFO

There is no release date, no price and even no certainty if it will even get to sale.

It is a cool device to see and work with. UFO is a fully equipped Windows 10 mobile computer with a 720p 16:9 touch display.

It reminds Nintendo Switch, but can do much more.

Gaming ready

Many notebooks struggle with gaming of modern AAA games, but that is often because of too high resolution - you would not play a game for less then 1080p. This thing can get a game done!

UFO is ready for 720p gaming and that is why games like The Division 2 can smoothly be played in your hands. Of course not maxed out.

The internet likes this thing and if Dell releases the UFO for sale, it won't be earlier than 2021 and that is a lot of time to change things. For example, AMD presented on CES 2020 a new mobile platform CPU's with GPU's, which are very promising and could help to kick devices like this handheld up.

Part of the UFO are two detachable controllers, which can be used to control the game and Windows 10 like if you using a mouse. OR you can use a kickstand and just connect a bluetooth keyboard with mouse. It's a standard computer, no restrictions.

Controllers can be detached and joined with a help of a bracket, just like Nintendo Switch's joy-cons.

Computer for travels and productivity

I can't imagine using this as a daily driver for standard office work, but it can totally do this.

If you need to update your spreadsheet, type an e-mail with fully equipped keyboard or whatever, you can do it with ease and obviously with good enough performance. I mean, if it can run games like this, it can run an office job.

You would be also able to edit photos in Photoshop, work on 3D models and edit videos if you would need to.

Why this one?

Many mini-PCs have been tried and none particularly stayed in a broad public.

First none of them seem so powerful to be able to play games.

Second, all of them have attached keyboard, which in 10-inches device is a crazy small.

It is simply possible, that now we got to the point with enough powerful mobile hardware, this kind of pocket PC can be actually good.

CES 2020 - Dell Alienware UFO concept
Published 13.01.2020 21:14
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