CES 2020 - First 360Hz monitor ever

CES 2020 - First 360Hz monitor ever

When 60Hz and 60 FPS started to be a thing, it was a huge deal. We could not imagine it would be a this big difference, because we were been told, that a human eye can not see more than 30 frames per second. First machines and monitors higher than 30 FPS came out and it were a roller-coaster since then.

Now, Asus at CES 2020 is showing new 360Hz monitor and I am sure, it will make a difference again! But what kind of hardware do you need to run this high? Or maybe the right question is - what kind of game?

It's for e-sports games, that is for sure.


ROG Swift 360Hz
Nvidia G-Sync
RGB backlight and stand

Release date: unknown
Price: unknown

CES 2020 - First 360Hz monitor ever
Published 06.01.2020 10:56
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