CES 2020 - New Playstation 5 info

Sony had half an hour long press conference on CES 2020 and part of it was some new information about Playstation 5.

CES 2020 - New Playstation 5 info

We still have no look at how will new Playstation 5 look like.

I was sure, that Sony will show us at CES 2020. Already was proven to us, those two companies pretty much copy each other's every step and Microsoft has already known Xbox's new look. Well, let's hope we'll see soon.

But, at least, we have a new logo! Cool, right?

They spoke about PS5's hardware features, just don't expect, well... anything. We already knew that all.

CES 2020 - New Playstation 5 info
Published 07.01.2020 21:06
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