Google STADIA thouhts

Google STADIA - it's a new introduced game "console". Or maybe we can say it's a virtual console. Or just that you can see fantastic looking pictures and control them in real time.

Google STADIA thouhts


This whole thing is based on streaming games. And I don't mean Twitch streaming, I mean a server calculating and rendering a game in 4K 60 FPS and sends final pictures to your device - to your PC, notebook, Mac or smartphone.

I must say I am a little sceptic about this gaming model. I am certain it will come and it will be huge, but since now there have been many companies and start-ups to try this and you don't hear about them anymore. That's because there wouldn't be enough horsepower for graphic servers to server to millions of people or just the issue of the internet and slow response. It really wasn't a great experience.

But we live in the future, right? And Google has resources to make this all work.


Let's say you want to play a new AAA title like Metro Exodus 4k and 60 FPS. What do you need? A mid-tier CPU could be enough, but your machine has to poses a beefy graphics card. I currently have Gigabyte Aorus 1080 Ti. I can play the Metro game in 4K, I can play it on 60 FPS, but I can't have both. And that's still a $1000 graphics card for a single person. If they would want to provide this service for a 100 000 people at a time, it's already huge. But they want to do that for millions of people to play at the same time, it's massive.

Now add those CPU cores, power and can you imagine a cooling system?

Of course it's not directly comparable to your PC sitting on your desk, but the requirements are still there and Google seems to be able to fulfill them.


There is no much of you need. You need an internet browser Chrome and you need a device. Just any device that can have Chrome installed.

Google also introduced their own controller. And this is interesting. Normally a game or console controller sends inputs right into a console on PC, but this Google STADIA controller take your input like button press and sends it via Wi-Fi to Google gaming server which tells a game to shoot or whatever and just there a game takes the input and renders what happens.

I find this very innovating and kind of awesome that they let out your device out of inputs. A device just receiving images like watching Netflix.


Have this Google STADIA controller might be better for the experience, but not necessary. Google said the service does not require their controller so you can game with your keyboard and mouse or your Xbox controller. And that is perfect. I am a PC player and I can't imagine a shooter without my mouse.

How it works then? Chrome sends your controller's or keyboard's or mouse' inputs. Google just haven't said if there will be any more input lag or worse experience in this case. I can't imagine how could be, but we'll see.

You can use any device. This doesn't seem to be much surprising. Any streaming service today lets you use almost just anything with a screen. I don't see why game streaming should be any different. Well, it isn't so enjoy Battlefield V on your phone :)


Internet is faster and faster. Google is basically an internet company so I believe they know better than anyone how to deal with internet and what they can offer through the link.

Until now, quality of a game's graphics depends on your hardware. But with this streaming service, it depends on speed and stability of your internet connection. Only on the connection since any smartphone for few bucks is not powerful enough to display a video stream.

You can use Google STADIA as long as you have at least stable connection of 15 Mbit / s. I don't expect this to be the line for 4K, but for at least some gaming. Most of us have already more than 50 Mbit / s and this is enough for the advertised 4K 60 FPS. We live in the future, but there is yet farther future where 5G connection comes and we expect to be average internet speed risen so much higher.


Two things Google wasn't talking about is pricing and launch date for the service.

I can't imagine price to be high. It will probably be a monthly fee and I expect it to be around 10 or 15 USD. Google, as always, would want to target a huge mass of people so they're going to need to set a price similar to what we already know from others.

Remember, this is a pure speculation, we don't know nothing about this for sure.


So is a game streaming service a future of gaming? I believe so. Internet speeds are keep getting faster and if you look around us, everything moves to be located in a few places on the world instead of in every house. Video stores are gone for instance and I remember to go in one of them every other day after school. Now we have streaming services for series, movies and for music. It's a few days Apple introduced a "magazine service" so those paper magazines are now "streaming".

I don't say everybody wants this or will have it, we have PDF and Kindles and people still buy paper books.

I just say it will be huge.

Google STADIA thouhts
Published 26.03.2019 22:43
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