Halo Infinite won't be that impressive

Halo Infinite won't be that impressive

Yestareday, Microsoft hold an online event for their own and some third-party games. And they started big with Halo Infinite gameplay trailer.

And what I've seen is disappointing. Halo went always for a compromise between a realistic graphics and high performance.

This time they are targeting a bit cartoonish graphics with less colors and simpler shapes. I immediately saw the Switch Zelda game. Not as cartoon as Zelda, but much closer to it than I like.

For me, Halo is a sci-fi series with a serious story, which is best paired with a serious graphics. Not this time.

Halo Infinite during gameplay

It's a disappointment now, but I am super-sure, while playing, not much people will care about style, just about accomplishing the mission, shooting, driving and flying. I won't be bothered by its graphics during my night hours of playing Halo Infinite.

Take a look on the gameplay video.

Halo Infinite won't be that impressive
Published 24.07.2020 07:47
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