Intel CPUs have unfixable bug

Yet another hardware flaw in Intel's CPUs. Is this the result of Intel's "don't care" and advantage until AMD Ryzens came up?

Intel CPUs have unfixable bug

A company named Positive Technologies has found a huge hardware bug in Intel CPUs, specifically in Converged Security and Management Engine (CSME).

The problem exists on Intel CPUs up to 9th generation. The new 10th gen is already protected and is advised an upgrade.

Although this sound serious, it's not particullary dangerous for an average users. The bug could potentially lead to attacker's access to your data, but Intel is working to fix remote exploit, so the hacker would must be physically at the computer.

This would be a much bigger problem for data centers, which usually use Xeon or something completely different and won't be affected at all.

After Meltdown and Specter, this is yet another hardware bug of Intel's CPU. I came to wonder if this is because of Intel's leading position in desktop and mobile CPUs without a competition and therefore some kind of "don't care" mindset?

Of course they are fixing everything up with new generations of their processors and the next ones will be definitely much more secure.

Intel CPUs have unfixable bug
Published 09.03.2020 08:00
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