Microsoft Edge on Chromium - what to expect

Microsoft loves Edge, users not so much. They think they know why and do what should a long time ago. Rebuilding the Edge browser on a Chromium base.

Microsoft Edge on Chromium - what to expect


Chromium is an open-source software developed by Google. Chromium was created for a Chrome web browser, obviously. But they made it open-source, which means any developer working with Chromium must submit their work to community - to all other developers working with this software.

Google Chrome is not the only web browser based on Chromium. Opera and Samsung browser are also running on it.


I said they should have done it a long time ago. I am in some cases a fan of making custom stuff, custom software because only then you can make the program exactly as you want it to be.

Microsoft clearly wants to keep their browser, just not able to put the necessary amount of work and resources into it. Internet Explorer was first web browsers at our homes and his popularity was huge. But when a competition came, this has begun to change and in last days of IE's live, this browser kept mostly just users who are able only to turn their laptop on, watch a Facebook feed and turn it off. And also, as I saw as a web developer, support of standards almost weren't there.

So they brought in Microsoft Edge web browser. Modern looking and nice support, I love the drawing function. It just still couldn't keep up to modern standards. And again, from my web developer's perspective, work with Edge on website debugging is a horrible experience. Google's Chrome simply working on their tools to make it simpler for us, to see more and more.


I am not entirely sure if Microsoft wants to be Edge the direct competitor to Chrome. I'd say Chrome needs one. It used to be a simple browser, but now you need to have almost a super workstation if you open more than a few tabs.

I honestly doubt there would be noticeable amount of people migrating to the new Edge from Chrome, probably nothing will happen at first. There is just a possibility that people won't install another browser if they would see a reliable companion in Edge on their newly purchased laptop.


For me is Chrome no. 1. Not because I am such a fan of Google, because I am a website developer and the process is so much simpler with Chrome. Also Chrome has so many details made just right.

But I love the Edge's interface, the drawing, the fact you can save all current tabs and return to them later. I just can't use it because of my job.

What if Microsoft could tune some essential details and make a website loading fast and snappy and at the same time keeps those great functions like saving tabs and drawing? I am all for it.

Microsoft Edge on Chromium - what to expect
Published 26.03.2019 22:48
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