Microsoft is testing Xbox Scarlett on people

There is not many known details about new Xbox, but there is known release date and current state.

Microsoft is testing Xbox Scarlett on people

Microsoft keeps everything about this bad boy called Xbox Project Scarlett inside, we know almost nothing. The only things we know about it are only those to shut Sony up. Sony talks about SSD in PS5, Microsoft says theirs will have it, too. Sony tells us in few sentences about hardware real-time ray tracing in their console, Microsoft do that in even less words.

And of course we hear over and over, that "it will be the worlds most powerful console". It probably will be, but we don't know really how.

Well, we now know at least about the current stage of development. Phil Spencer, the boss of Xbox in Microsoft, took the Scarlett home and tests it in his living room as a real user and player.

This is an important test, first time outside of a lab environment.

I don't think he plays a new gen game, most likely uses the backward compatible mode. But Xbox is not just a gaming console, I am sure he listenes music, watching movies and just fully uses the Xbox like it was the only electronics in his home right now.

Well, good luck and make it awesome!

Microsoft is testing Xbox Scarlett on people
Published 06.12.2019 23:59
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