Miniature fully equipped PC

You can fit an RTX 2080 Ti in there, you can fit a water cooling radiator in there, and it still isn't bigger than a gaming console's body. It's exactly what Sentry 2.0 from Dr Zaber is.

Miniature fully equipped PC


Metalic, durable construction, black only, horizontal and vertical

Sentry 2.0 case is fully metallic. For better or worse, there are no plastic pieces that would make it look cheap but there are also no window, no glass, no tempered glass. Just galvanized steel with holes to breath. To my opinion, this case looks great. It's small, it's efficient. It is 340 mm by the biggest length and it can fit inside your backpack. Well, not any backpack, you know those little handbags just put on person's back, right? Yeah, I don't mean this kind.

Black structural powder coating gives this console-sized case a great finish and you can put it on your table or right under your TV. Position this thing as you will since it can lay like a gaming console and also it can stand like a standard tower.


At first look, there is one miss on Sentry 2.0 PC case. There is NO USB-C connector. To be honest, my first thought how would I deal with the case was "I can put it right on the table, lay it down, put my phone right on it and let it charge". No, I can't. I'd much rather see this type of connector in here, but at least there are two USB 3.1 type A (standard) connectors, that's still a really nice thing.

But manufacturer explains the absence of USB type C ports. They say they haven't included it since it still has no official standard for PCI bracket. They considered other ways to deal with it, but none was good enough I guess.


Not included, but purchasable separately

What is also not included are dust filters. USB-C would be kind of a nice to have, but this could ruin the experience. I can see how could dust get inside of this particular case through those huge (from dust's perspective) holes.

You can actually purchase those filters separately if you search for DemciFlex filters for Sentry 1.1, which is previous model. The manufacturer says it will fit perfectly. And if you don't want to invest any more money, at least tape some soft mesh in there.

The filters do exist and you can buy them, but Dr Zaber markets this Sentry PC case as a case for gaming PCs which do have huge cooling demands and need to be more dust-proofed.


Let's get inside. The case is separated into two or three compartments, depends on how you look at it - there is one for a graphics card / radiator, motherboard and power supply.

Everything has a perfect place for it. Motherboard, graphics card, PSU, storage drive, water cooling radiator, just everything fits in their places. In standard case, you can pretty much choose in which slot your graphics card goes (if you have a motherboard with more than one of course), where you put your SSD etc. Here you have defined the exact spots and can't choose.

As for the motherboard, the Sentry 2.0 case fits mITX format only. No Threadripper, just a regular old small CPU, you hear me? I mean old format, not old processor. Go ahead and put i9-9900K inside if you wish. But you'll probably end up with a really expensive toaster since there is not a big space for a cooling. But about that later.


You can't put there a standard ATX sized motherboard, but they find a perfect spot in the case to put there a full sized, this huge card, RTX 2080 Ti. To be exact, not fully full sized, you won't be able to fit more than two-slot height of card. But full length? For sure. I know this is not a first time when a small case fits those devils, but it always shocks me.

How you know if your card could get inside? You don't have to necessarily measure. Guys from Dr Zaber made it pretty easy for us and made a list of viable cards. Just take a look


Although now is the time to choose. You have to choose between a full-sized graphics card, water cooling and 3.5" storage drive. If you select the water cooling option, you are loosing an ability to fit a bigger card and a bigger drive. If you need a big mechanical drive, you close your door on graphics and water cooling.

It would be an easy pick for me. If I need a huge storage, I put in there M.2 SSD and one 2.5" separate SSD. This PC is not for me to play games on, at least not seriously so I would choose small graphics card like RTX 2070 MINI ITX from Gigabyte and AIO water cooler also with small one-fan sized radiator. This way I get mobile computing device powerful enough for occasional gaming and hopefully no thermal-throttling.


If you are going to build in Sentry 2.0, be careful with parts selection. Check their thermals in reviews and add a few degrees up to the results you are going to have. The case is still a really small, closed and there are not many options for the air to go through and get rid of the hot air.

You probably don't want to put this out of a limit. Don't go high-end, stay in a mid-tier circle. You can fit 2080 Ti, it does not mean you should. But if you will, let us know, OK? ;)


Seriously? RGB in a metal container? Yeah, why not. Actually may even looks good. Not crazy as the fancy tempered glass builds people like to watch today. May look really nice behind those vent holes.


After seeing this, reading promo, watching others build in this, I like this case. It's different and you know me, I like different. But I am a gamer, I want more space, more flow, more. So it's not for me, for whom than?

It's for mobility, for design. Pack it inside your backpack along with wireless control, keyboard and mouse and go to friends who plan a LAN party. Or put it next or under your TV as HTPC. It'll look great even in white room, on white furniture.


Where would you put PC in Sentry 2.0 case?


Miniature fully equipped PC
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