New Mass Effect game coming

Will there be another Bioware's Mass Effect? Without a doubt.

New Mass Effect game coming

Few facts to start with.

It has been said, that Bioware is not THE Bioware as it was at the times of Mass Effect to Mass Effect 3. Many people responsible for the saga left.

EA, the owner of the Mass Effect IP and the owner of Bioware, hasn't been doing great games lately.

Last Mass Effect: Andromeda was not the best game ever, well, it was more average.

The Mass Effect: Andromeda was also an awesome game with more technical problems then with the story. We humans extremely depend on what we see on others' faces and that's what failed in MEA - all the face animations, which made it creepy, unbelievable and distracting.

Mass Effect fans were spitting on it ever from the stupidest reasons, which the main one was a different direction - no Sheppard, no galactic destruction, but something smaller.

Bioware isn't a bad company. We know now, they were pushed by their EA overlords, which is always bad in the game industry.

And we know, that EA slowly started to redeem itself and they return to making great games, like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, APEX: Legends and others great games.

New Mass Effect?

Of course there will be a new Mass Effect. There is a word out there, that Bioware even hired many developers for more games, which are Dragon Age, but also Mass Effect.

It will not be shown in 2020, it's too soon. My guess is the new Mass Effect will be announced during 2021 and released 2022.

It will be probably continuation from Andromeda galaxy, since they started the story weren't doing so badly as many wish.

To be honest, I love Sheppard, but love Ryders more and I wish Alec wouldn't die just from the beginning. I am a huge fan of SAM, Harper, everyone from Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Well, see you there!

New Mass Effect game coming
Published 13.03.2020 08:00
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