No early access to Jedi Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is closing and everybody worries if EA manages to screw this one, too. Something's new, maybe not!

No early access to Jedi Fallen Order

Electronic Arts and live service games filled with microtransactions and many ways to draw money from gamers. In a few days is launching new Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and EA claims things will be different. Well, they say it with mostly any game lately.

But something is different

There is no early access for Origin Premier nor for Deluxe edition customers.

For some time, getting to a game earlier (a week for Anthem for example) was a selling point for Origin Premiere or higher versions of a game. Not this time.

No Spoilers Wanted

They said that it's because they don't want people to spoil the story for others getting to the game later. To be honest, I am not sure this is the reason and also I don't care for a reason. Games weren't been in great shape lately and this is something new. New is Good.

To be fair, EA also hasn't have a story driven single-player campaign game for a long time. Now they do and I am grateful to see they treading it differently from others.

Maybe there is a hope in restoring balance in video games.

No early access to Jedi Fallen Order
Published 12.11.2019 13:52
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