No new Xbox exclusives - what it actually means

I have seen too many misunderstanding comments on the Internet, so I wanna tell to everybody how it really is.

No new Xbox exclusives - what it actually means

What we will get

Many and many and many cry for backwards compatibility for game consoles generations.


And not only for older games, Microsoft went farther and decided to give you between generations compatibility for new games. It is freaking fantastic.

New and great games are coming to the new Xbox

Of course new Xbox will have a new games.

To this day is announced at least Halo Infinite, new (or possibly old) Master Chief’s story game.

Surely others are coming, like some new Gears or Forza.

New games won’t be held back

This is the most common opinion I can see online - that the games will not look as they could on new Xbox.

Haven’t you see any game working on PC and consoles? Is PC version as graphically as a console version is? Right, it’s not. It’s specifically tailored for specifics of PC platform.

This will not be any different and a same game will look as best as it can on PC and new Xbox and not as good on Xbox One.

I am sure there will be companies that can’t produce different games for different Xboxes, but those are indie games, that generally don’t use all potential even on current consoles.

No direct competition

For years, a winner between Microsoft and Sony is kind of whoever offers better and more exclusive games. And Microsoft has always had less of them. Much less.

There are none this time. Hater’s gonna say Sony right away wins even before the new generation launches. But it’s not that. Microsoft and Sony are not direct competitors anymore. You won’t buy a console for its one specific game you really want to play.

With Sony, you buy a console for that game. With Microsoft, you enter the platform.

Hardware is expensive and not profitable

Microsoft nor Sony profit on selling consoles. They actually sell them under the price. Later they get money from game developers and publishers for allowing them to sell games for their platforms.

Their goal is to provide a place developers can develop for and footer which would people buy those games. This does not mean a new console every few years. It means “a place”.

Microsoft has that place - previous Xbox One generation and every single computer with Windows 10.

They don’t need to sell as many new Xbox hardware and probably don’t want to since it is not profitable.

New Xbox is made because there has to be an innovation and because a gaming console is much more accessible to many people, than PC.

In summary

There you go, ladies and gentlemen. No need to worry. It’s a new generation, different this time, but with awesome looking games, powerful hardware and compatibility, as we all wanted.

No new Xbox exclusives - what it actually means
Published 14.01.2020 09:02
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