Nvidia RTX 3090 is not a MYTH anymore

Nvidia RTX 3090 is not a MYTH anymore

Nvidia just hold an online event after their UltimateCountdown went to 0. Well, if you followed rumors, you know all there is.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090

Nvidia called it "BFGPU", probably something they did learn from Elon Musk's BFR.

Built on new Ampere technology, which is based on Tensor cores and is claimed to be "the biggest generation leap ever". Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 is new flagship, it's huge and it's a beast!

Nvidia says it can run RayTracing ON games in 8K and 60 FPS.

This triple-slot monstrosity looks very elegant with dual push-pull configuration of fans.

Specification of RTX 3090

  • 24 GB of G6X memory
  • triple-slot design (reference card)
  • Shader cores - 36 teraflops
  • RT cores - 69 teraflops
  • Tensor cores - 285 teraflops
  • Price - $1499

Again - price is $ 1 5 0 0

8K on 60 FPS on RTX 3090

This sounds unreal. Not like the game engine, seriously unreal. To this day, we are not able to play AAA games on 4K 60 FPS, this would be more than double-jump.

On the other hand, Nvidia says that 3080, a one class lower GPU, is twice as fast as RTX 2080. It means the 3090 is even better performer. But, sadly, they didn't show us any statistics for it, didn't say anything, actually.

At the end, we should keep our enthusiasm cool and wait for a real-world testing.

Sure it's going to be faster, much faster. How much in numbers remains to be seen.

Watch the entire event

Nvidia RTX 3090 is not a MYTH anymore
Published 01.09.2020 18:40
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