PlayStation 5 confirmed with SSD

PlayStation 5 announced, exact specification is unknown for now but Sony takes it responsibly. Although, there is something, that doesn't let me fall asleep.

PlayStation 5 confirmed with SSD

Quick overview

Sony's announcement wasn't much as a surprise. A new generation of gaming consoles is teased for some time. At least Microsoft is known to be working on new Xbox and of course Sony can't just stand and watch. Sony claims that PlayStation 5 will be most powerful console and Microsoft says that new Xbox will be more powerful than PS5. Let's see at the time of comparing real existing machines.

New PlayStation 5 will be running on AMD Ryzen 3 with 8 cores and SSD. That's virtually all we know for now. Oh, and it'll keep its optical drive.

Responsible Sony

This is a part I like the most. Sony interviewed game developers and asked what they want from the new PlayStation.

That is awesome, hardware and software developers are cooperating. With this approach, PS5 could be really great gaming platform.

Now I just hope that Sony won't cheap out.

3x faster SSD than any

And this is the thing that keeps me from sleep.

Sony claims that the SSD will be 3x faster than any PC's today. Have you seen latest NVMe SSD's? Those speeds are incredible and manufacturers already getting all they can from those memory chips.

Maybe it is a new development in this area? Maybe it is perfectly optimized for certain processes? Maybe it's custom developed with a huge socket? Maybe it's some cache based SSD? Or maybe, and I sincerely hope not, it is just a marketing claim with no real use?

We'll going to have to wait for continuing development of PS5 and declassifying more information.

Sony mentioned their real world example, when they tested their Spider-man game and tested fast travel, that came down from 20 seconds with PS4 hard drive to 0.3 with this new SSD. Yet again, could be anything and we have to wait.

New generation is near

PlayStation 5 won't be on market until 2020. But it's coming and we'll be soon, on E3 probably, hearing from both Sony and Microsoft again.

Would this SSD be a selling point for you?

PlayStation 5 confirmed with SSD
Published 28.04.2019 14:28
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