PlayStation 5 has finally a face

Sony revealed the looks of PlayStation 5 console and accessories. I looks dope!

PlayStation 5 has finally a face

Sony finally showed PlayStation 5 in all its beauty.

It's new, it's bold, it's futuristic. You may hate it, I love it. It's not a settle piece of furniture as it were PS4 through PS2 in past years.

Sony says it's designed to fit in a modern room. For some people with all shiny black and white polished furniture, sure. For most with more or less classic wooden living room, not at all.

That makes me see it as a Sony's attempt of making something visible. And not only visible, even screaming "I am PS5".

BluRay and Digital version of PlayStation 5

There are two versions of PS5 - with a BluRay disc reader and without - an all digital version.
The disk version is out of its symmetry thanks to the bulky side. This will definitely trigger a response with many people, which may lead to purchase the diskless version.
The pressure to go all digital is huge and with this, Sony may be actually trying to force you on that digital side.

Prices are still a big unknown.

Check out this reveal video.

PlayStation 5 has finally a face
Published 14.06.2020 16:55
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