Sam's Story of Metro Exodus

The Two Colonels - Metro Exodus' first DLC was not received very well. This time it's different!

Sam's Story of Metro Exodus

The story of Metro Exodus: Sam's Story

Sam is an American, who been traveling with Artyom, Anna and others on the train. This DLC begins where Exodus ended and Sam continue on his own to "home" in California. When he arrives to a port, he finds a Russian nuclear submarine occupied by another American and "his" people following him in building a new city. Sam makes a deal to get a fuel in exchange for escort home. And of course it's not as easy.

The DLC's story is interesting, but for me misses an intensive moment. When Artyom was searching for the cure and been chasing by those monsters, nothink like that was in here. It was mostly regular shooting, sneaking and few boss battles. It was not boring, just wasn't that emotional.

About characters, they were cool, but again, not that memorable as the Colonel, for example. Not even Sam was that interesting.

The main bad guy, Klim, been barely speaking and was without any kind of back story. He just had his own plans with the nuclear sub and what you heard from others was few sentences.

A huge plus is a humor. I didn't expect that. I laughed hard at moments. Also I got reminded of Borderlands' type of humor when I encountered two completely insane brothers fighting about ownership of a cars company, which, obviously, is tens of years gone.

Game map of Metro Exodus: Sam's Story

In Sam's Story, you get a complete new open-map of the harbor, which was awesome and a really good change from The Two Colonels with few hours of linear and in parts boring experience. Go whenever you want, find stashes, clean buildings from bandits and monsters. You enjoy seaside with islands, vertical buildings, just like in the original game.

I loved this map!

There was one new thing - raging short storms with radioactive rain. I think it was meant to make your gameplay more difficult, somehow slow you down, but I almost didn't notice it was happening. A storm started and ended most of the time when I was inside a building. Otherwise it was perfectly clear weather with places of usual radioactivity.

Gameplay of Metro Exodus: Sam's Story

In term of a gameplay was really changed nothing. DLC's name is Sam's Story and that is what it really  is - an extension of the story.

Stats of Metro Exodus: Sam's Story

  • Story length: about 3 to 4 hours if you follow only the storyline
  • My gameplay length: little over 6 hours

Final Result of Metro Exodus: Sam's Story

7 / 10

I've been thinking about 6 or 7. It's a DLC, a huge DLC with a lot of content, which doesn't feel like devs are trying to make the story artificially longer by occupy every building with bandits. It misses those classic intense Metro moments which is compensated with a humor and craziness.

Overall, it was a great experience, I am glad I played it and that it has a direct connection to the original Metro Exodus game.

Sam's Story of Metro Exodus
Published 16.02.2020 20:44
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