Sci-fi adventure games we want back in next few years

There is not much of sci-fi adventure game and some of them are lost. Please, bring them back.

Sci-fi adventure games we want back in next few years

Mass Effect

This is a legend. Mass Effect games are masterpieces. Some better and some worse, I am talking about the universe, about what we experienced in there from the beginning. BioWare and EA tried to revised it in 2018 and it was not a good attempt.

Bring it back, for real now. Stay in Andromeda, go back home, I don’t care much, just make it perfect.

Current status: BioWare is unofficially working on a new Mass Effect


When I finished Infinite, I was speechless for hours. It was fabulous ride since the moment I found Elizabeth to the end and it kept heating up without pause. Even, though, I kind of missed the Rapture era of Bioshock (of course I played, just years later), I could not rank it lower.

A new Bioshock, please, preferably in a Columbia, but I am not picky.

Current status: 2k announced development without further information


I know it’s coming, still made this list, because I really want it to happen! I can understand how you may not see DOOM as an adventure game, but there is a story that makes sense and it’s pretty simple but strong for me. Hell on Mars and finding a way to close it or defeat it against everything that stands in your way, that’s a good story.

Current status: releases April 2020

The outer worlds

This is a recent gaming experience and very strong one. I was completely sucked into that universe. Obsidian may have started an amazing saga here, which I really want to continue in.

There are DLCs coming and I hope, that we can expect a new game in a few years.

Current status: DLCs release soon, no further information


OK, this is a dangerous one. Let’s pretend here that Fallout 76 ain’t happening, alright?

Bethesda, please, give us a new Fallout game, we are desperate for one. Fallout is a fantastic series. On a paper, it sounds so generic, yet it is so unique. I miss Fallout and I wish there are plans for next few years to give it to us.

Current status: no information

Deus Ex

Oh, yeah, charismatic Adam Jansen. I play Mankind Divided from start to finish these days. It’s phenomenal game and the whole universe alike. The game, characters and story are inspiring to me.

It’s been years since the last game and I want more, I want it back. I understand it did not give you the perfect business results but it will be better this time.

Current status: no information


This is a weird one, huh? I’ll explain.

I played it. Gameplay was great, visuals were beautiful, characters so different one from each other and so unique setting. Story? 50:50, it had its moments.

When came up why is this game that disastrous, that BioWare would not know if there will be climbing or flying and many times redid what was already done instead of building the rest of the game, I realized they at least finished this fantastic idea, this universe.

So, this is not exactly “give it back” but rather  “new adventure built on treated idea”. I believe in you, BioWare and Anthem!

Current status: unofficially working on rehaul of the original game

This is our list. Do you wish for another game? Share with us!

Sci-fi adventure games we want back in next few years
Published 05.01.2020 21:07
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