Terrible voices of Deus Ex: Mankind divided

The day Mankind Divided has been released, I was hyped. Now I went back and ooh boy….

Terrible voices of Deus Ex: Mankind divided

The story here

And so it came out and I played it. I loved what they did with the city and their futuristic vision for it. The Old Town did not hav a layout of the real city, but devs did catch the style perfectly.

There were even writings and people speaking in Czech language. Sure, there were some misspells, I didn’t care at all about them. And hey, they even got local voice actors.

It was fantastic for me.

Purple glasses off

A few days ago, a holiday relax and I found my way to play Deus Ex Mankind Divided again. Than it hit me and still hasn’t let go.

The Czech language in there is terrible. It is so annoying I am even trying not to talk to NPCs who talk Czech.

There are possibly hundred of characters speaking in Czech language and only 7 Czech voice actors. You can easily notice that all the police are two men and one woman. And all of them sound terrible. Their talking are like sentences that came out of nowhere, no context in their voice, extremely generic.

You might have heard even on the other side of Earth, that Czech voice acting is one of the best in the world. For example some of The Simpson’s creators consider it better than original.

This is not it!

Also writings are completely off. Names of neighborhoods, signs in stores and just almost every single one are just an incorrect translation made by Google Translator.

I think I know why is that

There are about 10 million of Czechs in the world, it’s less than in many cities. Not every one of us is a gamer. So whatever problem this makes, it’s not enough for a giant corporation making the game.

For others it adds on authenticity of this country and most of players can not still tell the difference between Czech and Russian.

It’s just a lazy ass using Google Translator instead of English/Czech real human and bit of  money saving for better direction of those voice actors.

Does it stop me?

No, it definitely did not. I still love this universe, this game particularly. But to hear this? It is not easy to accept to be in the game.

Terrible voices of Deus Ex: Mankind divided
Published 28.12.2019 08:24
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