The biggest tech company winner of 2019

A lot happened in 2019 and this is our pick of the best PC tech company of 2019.

The biggest tech company winner of 2019

2019 was challenging for many and harder for others.

The best one for us is AMD!

It seems like in 2019, people actually became sure of Ryzen processors and started to plan their rigs for games and even for work for a years that come.

Radeon graphic cards are hit for 1080p and 1440p gaming this time.

And it's not only about our home computers. AMD made a deal to supply main core parts for both Xbox and Playstation 5 coming at the end of 2020. We don't know the specifications, yet, but AMD get that and that is awesome! And since there is confirmed a real-time hardware ray tracing, you can count on some huge announcement this year.

AMD took Intel from its throne now. Is Nvidia next? Maybe so.

Well, good job, AMD and we expect more in 2020

The biggest tech company winner of 2019
Published 06.01.2020 16:12
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