When will we see cell phones without ports completely

It is going to happen, phones with no holes. They ripped out jack port and it was just a beginning.

When will we see cell phones without ports completely

No holes any more

Rumors about portless Apple iPhone 13 aside, but they got me thinking - when will we see a phone completely without any hole in its body?

I am sure it will happen at some point. We keep wanting more every year from our phones without increasing in size and thanks that manufacturer needs find more space that can be filled up with electronics. That is one of reasons a huge jack port is now more a rare spec in phones. Also, if our phones will be without ports completely, their bodies’ integrity increase and they’ll be much closer to indestructible pocket fortress.

Which one is next

After headphone jack, I believe the next one is a power and data port.

Why would anyone wanted this to disappear!? Well, with current super fat non-cord charging and soon I’m phones implemented WiFi 6 with awesome speed, this one is replaceable right in next generation.

Still some remain

But our phones have more than a power cable port. There is a SIM card, possibly a memory card slot, speakers, microphone and for phones to be perfectly in single undisrupted-surface body - buttons.

SIM we can immediately replace with eSIM. Some of us use it already.

Memory card is for storage and while connection speeds keep growling and cloud storage and even internal memories gets bigger and cheaper, bye bye memory slot.

Speakers are tougher to get rid of, but not impossible with current tech. Some companies already brought to a market phones that have vibrating display as a speaker. It needs to get better and it will, but this technology can be also used right now. Also many people wear ear buds and pods without taking them off, it’s another way to go.

Microphone is hardest to replace and we don’t know about any technology that can help here. But company brave enough to push new trends *cough cough  Apple* can teach us to use just those ear pods.

Buttons, well, display gestures are getting more and more intuitive and tuned to fine movements, so we actually can just add a few specific gestures and remove those hills on our phone bodies. Also voice assistants already do whatever buttons can for us daily.

Only a piece of glass

That are going to be phones in our future, just a single piece without nothing on it. We could call it a perfect phone.

When will this transition happens? I guess ten years. What’s yours?

When will we see cell phones without ports completely
Published 09.12.2019 09:04
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