Windows 7 is near death and you'll notice

Microsoft did hold up for a long time, but the time is almost up. It's time to say good bye to Windows 7.

Windows 7 is near death and you'll notice

Windows 7 will stop receiving updates

For many people, getting new updates is an annoying thing to do and not at all important. But I can't stress enough what a great deal an updating is.

And Microsoft is about to take away updates for Windows 7, which essentially kills the system.

14 January 2020 is the date Windows 7 users get the last definite security update and after that you will be more and more at risk of any dangerous like hacking at the worst case, but also any harmful software on the internet or on flash drives you bring home, such as viruses, malware and others.

You can, of course, use a third-party security software, but since it is cooperating with operating systems, it still is not the best safety you can get. Also they don't protect everything and the companies creating them will go away from Windows 7, too.

You shouldn't use Windows 7 anymore

Despite of your hate for Windows 10, you should stop using Windows 7 for everything. I would say just keep using it if you only play games or do something not important or personal. Just there is probably not any single device, that is not used for non-personal operations. Do you look at your Facebook on your PC? UPGRADE!

Upgrade to Windows 10 is free

Microsoft wants you to use Windows 10 and continue to offering completely free and simple upgrade.

Go to this link and follow instructions to upgrade.

If you want, over all the risks, to keep using your Windows 7, simply dismiss the window. I am sure Microsoft will find more and more annoying ways to force you to upgrade later.

Windows 7 is near death and you'll notice
Published 10.12.2019 21:56
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