You should mount your monitor on VESA

Your PC monitor always comes with its own stand. You take it out of box, mount the panel and the stand and stand it on your desk. But there is a better way.

You should mount your monitor on VESA

VESA arms and holders

VESA is a standard for monitors and TV mounts. It's not the whole arm, just the mounting part - dimensions, screws, use cases. When you look at your monitor in the store, e-shop or you have it at home already, you can pretty much always find specification for VESA mounts. In fact, monitor stands themselves use VESA standard to put it with the panel together.

What I am writing about are whole arms and holders. Those can be mount on your table or even to a wall.

Holders for monitors are in many forms like whole multi-positioning arms, simple holders with only Y axis rotation, dual or even triple arm holder for multiple displays. Search for what you need.

Arm or holder vs. default stand

These arms exist for a reason. First I saw is a space on your desk. Standard monitor stand is under the display and often in front of it. It's basically a wall on your desk.

As you mount an arm or a monitor on a wall, that display has nothing underneath it. It starts kind of levitate and opens a space not only under itself, but also behind it. You can put working papers in there, coffee, or plastic bags from junk food during long gaming session. You can just use that space.

My special use case

I am in no standard situation. I have a corner desk and two different size of monitors while one of them has a huge 40" and almost 10 kilograms. It all means I couldn't buy a simple wall mount, because the display panel can't be flat on the wall. I actually didn't want any wall mount, because it's more permanent. I couldn't get two-arm construction for the different sizes and weights. So I bought two different arms, both with positioning system to all three axis' and made it happen.

Immediately I had a space for all I needed and didn't have to go to Ikea for a new desk. From that moment I want from any of my display be either notebook display or be "in the air".

Do you use holding arms for monitor?

You should mount your monitor on VESA
Published 28.04.2019 15:09
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